If you have been reading the site or better yet re-reading you might have noticed that  we made a few minor adjustments to what we have going on right now. Although we haven’t done an official relaunch and this is kind of a soft porn version of the hard way to go that’s to follow.

I got sick and tired of posting dummy text and foolishness on the site in an effort to make sure everything is up and running.


So just a little about what is NEW with the site.  The Single Girl’s Guide to Men, will from now on feature mostly relationship posts as the name indicates, but if you are a avid reader you know We write about a little of e’ry thing…

The men have said…that they don’t really like the title as it doesn’t pertain to them (yet they still read our site I guess it looks a little crazy if someone saw them doing soo Go Figure : ) So our other New Site

http://www.singlegirlsguide.net. will Have some of the relationship stuff  as well as the beauty, fashion, and various Posts from this site.


And on top of that we are also launching another site…but we will talk about that December 1.  Sooo Needless to say I have been absent but you guys haven’t been far from my mind.  Stick around I have a whole lot more planned in 2012 so that we are all living our Best Sexy Single Life….



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