Out of the mouth of this Babes..with my mother’s pending nuptials set to go off this weekend.

I thought it was interesting when I came across Rihanna’s recent “Interview” Magazine’s well, interview which was conducted by friend and label mate Kanye West, where Rihanna talked about her views on marriage and I have to say I agree. She has one of the best grasps on the institution of marriage I’ve heard in a while.

“I think marriage in general…I think people put a lot Of pressure on the title of marriage and the actual wedding. But I think you should already feel married before you get married. I think a wedding should just be a celebration of the marriage, and you
Should already feel like husband and wife.

You should feel like your love is completely unconditional to this Person, that it doesn’t matter what — that you will be down with that person forever. I’d have up have that–and I’d know when I had it. If you’re second guessing it, then it’s not there. You would know it. You would even have to think twice about it.

Well said…Ri Ri…

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