Lugos Hair Review

I Have been a long time customer of Lugos Hair in Brooklyn. Lugos is a popular hair destination for NY women and Brooklynites specifically. Normally I limit my Lugo Purchase to the Spanish Wave hair.

But Since I haven’t permed my hair in at least six months I was inspired to try to try them again.

I have been dying to try some Halle’s Curl natural hair, But I am sometimes a little impatient when it comes to getting my hair done, When I want it done I don’t have time to be waiting on the mail. So I went to Lugos when I saw a video of a woman with Lugos Jherri Curl Hair.

So I know some people have their favorites when it come to where they buy their hair and since I read the boards I know that Lugos customer service has been criticized but I have never had a problem with it. Ok Let’s get to the hair.

Hair Blend

So I have had the hair in my head for the past month and I get a lot of compliments. I have even had some people who should know better that this isn’t my hair ask me if it was mine.


So far the hair is very blendable, very easy to style, no need for heat application. Lugos allows for custom color match so the color matches perfectly. Reuseable, I have had Lugos hair before and have reused it up towards a year. At least with Lugos I know I’m getting what I pay for Actual Human Hair which I don’t know with others.


The hair does shed, I hear people complain about this, however Lugos wefts the hair on site and they give the customer the option of how thin or thick they want the hair to be on the track. The thinner the hair the more the shedding etc. If you worry about that sort of thing seal the weft with a fabric glue before you install. The hair does tangle. Not much but keep in mind this is a corse texture that is very curly. I hate when people say their hair weave doesn’t tangle. Guess what if you have hair that you don’t comb for days IT WILL TANGLE. However the hair is very easy to separate with your fingers or a wide tooth comb and some detangler. You can’t get longer lengths.


You will need a detangler, leave in conditioner (I’m using Cantu Shea Butter leave in), some gel ( I use Queen Helene), I also use some Jherri Curl Activator to control the frizz (the gel kind, not the spray that’s very 1988).


In order to make sure your hair texture matches with the weave, you can use cold wave rods. I was doing a 2 strand twist, rolling it with the rod. Now, I have decided to use bantu knots. Since it could actually wear my hair with a headband if I decide not to blend it at all and just allow it to let the hair dry.

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