Create a Sexy Army Go Navy Blue Eye Shadow


I recently came across this tutorial teaching the ladies how to do what she called “Beyonce’s inspired Smokey Eyes” actually I was looking for a video on something totally different but The Island Beauty’s make up tuts are always fab as is her hair videos but It inspired me to reach into my bag of tricks when when I did my make up for the day and check me out.

You can check out how The Island Beauty’s video on how to do a blue smokey eye. But if you dont know where to start here are some tips on how I got this Effect.

I used Mac’s cream base on the lids, in Black.
Added a Mac shadow in Navy Blue
Mac Helium which is a irridesent pink under the brow bone for highlight
Make up forever Gold Metallic powder in 1 in the inner corners (close to my nose)
And Mac’s Carbon on my crease (where your eye lids meet when they are open)

Curly Weave Blend

As I told you in indique hair review,  and in my previously natural post. I have once again stopped perming my hair.  My last relaxer was had on February 1 and the following week I cut my hair down to about 2 inches.
Not so big chop
My Not so big chop
Not exactly the big chop but It was a change indeed.  Welll since I had decided to grow out my permed ends and a short hair cut isn’t always the move when your ends and you roots are doing their own thing.  So I promised you I would show you guys a picture of my new do. And here it is.
My Indique/Bohyme Install
My Indique/Bohyme Install
I am still wearing my combo of Indique hair at the base for length and at the top or near my hairline I am wearing one of my favoritest bss hair Bohyme brazillian hair.
Sigh, now the issue as I have said before with this mess of a hair is that it can frizz up to high heaven, and it is a mess and a half to tame and maintain. An d who so ever it is that will tell you that this hair won’t shed is a lie and God shall smite them.   Well maybe not bring the wrath of God on them but this hair is a mess to deal with when it tangles.
my new curly hair
my new curly hair
As you can see from my pic, when the hair works it WORKS. And it makes me look fab.  So far I have had it in my hair I think for a little over a month.
And I uninstall, deep condition my scalp and reapply every 2 weeks.  Now that the Indique hair has been in for about a month Hallejujiah it has stopped being sooooo shiny but I am not confident enough that it would blend with my non permed hair and I aint crazy enough to buy more of this stuff to see what it would do.  But I am liking the hair a lot more now that it is old and it is holding its curl pattern.  But in the next 2 weeks I will be experimenting with this hair because I will be in a wedding and I have to find my look for that.
So in case you’re wondering what I use on this mess. And How I actually blend my hair here is my curly hair regiment.
Fully saturate hair
Add a leave in conditioner, I use cantu shea butter
And I use queen helene styling gel
To define my curl patter, I use a wide tooth comb, a smaller wide tooth comb and a largely spaced rat tail comb, (not the smaller toothed one)
The wide tooth comb is to you don’t break off the hair. The Smaller combs are to define the curl patterns and used to remove excessive moisture.
And I normally let it air dry.
To Blend my hair. Wet my hair, add some leave in conditioner, and some Wave Nuevo moisturizing lotion and do a 2 strand twist
And roll the ends up with a yellow cold wave rod.
Cold Wave Rod
Once completely dry I untwist my ends, take sections of my hair untwisted hair. And wrap the curly ends and twist it into the weave, so that the it is secured by the curl itself.
If you have no idea what I am talking about watch this video from Glamazini
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Are you ready for “Happy Hour”?

Ricky’s beauty supply store line Mattese unvails it’s spring nail colors.  And they are not your average neons they have a bit of a shimmer to them. My Favorites are the “Apple Martini” (the green) and the “Tequila Sunrise” (orange).

Serena Wiliams Glam Slam

Well as I’m sure you guys already know Tennis Champion and licensed Nail Tech Serena Williams has a line of nail polishes by OPI. Which comes as a bundle pack of “Real Pretty Pink” and the “Red Shatter” which retails for around $20 bucks. Which at 10 a pop is what the nail colors would cost seperately.

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Drug Store Finds-Essie Nail color

You dont have to look no further than your neighborhood drug stores for your beauty fix. Here are a few of my FaVs by Essie,  from left to right Turquoise & Caicos, Lilacism, Coat Azure, and my purchase Lapiz of Luxury.

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Indique Hair Review

indique virgin indian hair review
indique virgin indian hair review

I am extremely particular about what I put on my head.  So when a friend of mine invited me to Indique for an event a few weeks ago, the free manicure and the alcohol was more of a draw for me than the hair was because I had already seen the hair that she had purchase.

And although everyone is using the buzz words Remy and Virgin Indian hair, I have my suspicions that some of this hair is just as much of a virgin as I am.   Especially since, Virgin hair or hair that has not been processed with any sort of chemicals, preferably coming from one donor, or one person’s head doesn’t have the exact same curl pattern every single batch every single time

The manicures were Indique Pink By Ginger and Liz
The manicures were Indique Pink By Ginger and Liz

unless duh…it’s been processed.

So when the ladies at Indique tried to sell me some virgin Indian hair from their bounce collection I looked at it out of the side of my eye.

Now in all fairness there were some women that I know for buying some premium hair around the city, who were in there not to mooch off the free mani as I was,  they were actually repeat customers there for the discounted hair with Indique’s sample sale,   And these Ladies swore by the hair.

However judging from the hair that was actually worn by those in attendance who wore Indique hair I wasn’t really all that impressed and damn sure not enough to fork over the $100 and up for an pound of their hair.  My girlfriend that bought her hair there had spent over $300.00 for the hair she purchased.

Since I am transitioning from perm to au natural when it comes to my locks and my short haircut has started to grow out a bit, enough to not be able to wear the style I had originally and not long enough for me to cut it into something new and fab, I decide to get me some hair.  Since Indique was having a sale. If that’s what you call spending $107.00 an pound for the hair I purchased.

Indique Girl. She was wearing the Bounce Relaxed Straight
Indique Girl. She was wearing the Bounce Relaxed Straight. This is the only hair I might purchase. However at $200 per ounce for 18 inches I don't know about that...

When I buy hair it must match at least Four criteria before I call it Good Hair.   And in order of supreme importance.

Shine Shine Shine I hate hate hate shiney looking baby doll hair that looks like it belongs on Barbie than on my head. I am a black woman, my hair has no real shine to it, It is imperative for your hair blend to make sure you have the same sheen to it as the hair that you are putting in your head.

Texture, This is extremely important when going for a natural looking blend.

Movement Real Hair moves a certain way. It moves like natural hair. It moves when the wind blows it and it isn’t supposed to tangle and bunch up for dear life. If your weave does this it’s not good hair.

A good Color Match- Is good to have when you buy it so that you don’t have the extra step of dying your hair to match the weave, vice versa or both.

So I took my time looking for the hair I was going to buy when in Indique, and I repeatedly asked for the hair with the least sheen in it, well that is totally not what I got when I did purchase the coil curl from Indique’s Bounce Collection.

The hair that didn’t have a sheen to it that I was interested in getting was the Organic Curl hair, also from the Bounce Collection.   However, there was a young lady in there who had an install of the Organic Curl and she told me that it was the worst hair she had ever purchased, and spent over $300 to boot… Yikes. She also told me that their customer service stunk when she tried to give them her opinion on the hair.

Well, I couldn’t be so bothered with that,  Actually she stank eyed me as I bought my Coil hair and told me that I had been warned about their curly hair and the only hair that she would be buying from there would be the permed straight hair.

I purchased the Coil hair and installed it. Let’s just say that hair  with that hair, not for the quality, but for the blend.  I was way too shiny to look real. PERIOD, so what I had to do was mix it with some of the BSS (beauty supply store) Boheym hair Brazillian texture hair, which is a dead on match for African American hair, however I suspect it is not an actual human’s hair and sheds like heck and and tangles very easily.

I mixed that hair with the hair I got from Indique and was able to pass it off as a hairstyle. Actually it looks pretty good for now.

My Wagman's Hair install
My Wagman's Hair install. I will be re-installing.

Soooo….here is my theory on the hair.  My girlfriend has had her install in for at least 4 months.  However for my taste it is super stringy and doesn’t really blend all that well, as her natural hair is thick and the weave is a little baby doll.

But it moves like natural hair so in that case I know plenty of women that can rock with this.

My hair that I purchased from Wagman’s does the same thing, the negative to that hair is that it’s shiny as well.

@SamFineBeauty Twitterversity…

Make Up Artist Sam Fine working on Beautiful Iman

If you’re like me you have been a fan of make up artist Sam Fine forever.  He is one of the most influential make up artists among Hollywood’s hottest stars.

Sam did the Face for Queen Latifah's latest Queen Cover Girl Commercial

Well a few days ago, the ex and the boy and I were leaving Brunch and I bumped into who? Mr Sam Fine himself… So after I told him how much I loved him and that I follow him on twitter. @samfinebeauty  He gave me the best hug, and I bid him a great Sunday.  My son later said I ditched them, but hell I can see him at home (just kidding slightly)….

Like my momma says “Give Me my Flowers while I can smell them…” as opposed to saying nice things after she’s gone, and shoot I wanted the man to know that I admired his work..To his face.

As a make up artist and licensed hair stylist of more decades than I care to repeat, the education that I am getting from following him on twitter is GOLDEN…and here are the  some of the Tips I’ve gotten from his timeline.

  1. He prefers Cream Foundation.
  2. It doesn’t take the most expensive products to get a flawless face, just some know how, good products that work, and practicing what works and trying new things when it doesn’t.
  3. I’ve also learned to pair Bronzer with blush, they go hand and hand.
  4. Use the right brushes for the right product.
  5. Smokey Eyes help to hide or diminish the look of puffy eyes.
  6. He’s not above getting Wet and Wild, specifically he likes their; High Pigment lipsticks, and bronzers.
  7. For Flawless Finishes on women of Color you need not look further than your drug store, you can get either the Cover Girl Queen Collection Compact, Black Opal’s Creme Stick or try Iman’s cream to powder foundation.
  8. For concealers, you might have to invest more and get Dermablend, Bobby Brown, or Laua Mercier.
  9. For a Dewy fresh look apply concealer, but couple it with a blush, for a nice Contrast.
  10. Favorite Bronzers are Cargo, Queen Collection, Wet and Wild, MAC, and Lorac.
    To soften Expression Lines around the mouth, try Prevage’s eye cream.
  11. Mascara for Long luscious lashes, Voluminous Waterproof as it builds fast.Synthetic brushes are easier to maintain.
  12. Wash your brushes in Dawn dish washing liquid. It  helps to break up the grease.
  13. Top seven products every woman should have in her make up bag, moisturizer, concealer, foundation, powder, bronzer, mascara, and lip stick/gloss.
  14. In order to make your lipstick last apply concealer and blot, apply lip liner, richly pigmented lipstick and then gloss.
  15. Sam suggests Laura Mercier’s  Oil Free Primer for Oily Skin.

As I went through his many tweets that I have since put into my make- up repertoire.  As a make up junkie though it is good to know that the average girl can go to her local drug store and put together a look and not feel like she is less than or moreover be a slave to more expensive products trying to get a “celeb” look.

sam fine tweet
Sam fine twit pic of application of cream foundation

As a woman of color you have got to give kudos to the man who has made beauty his life. I don’t know about you, but when I feel beautiful it permeates to every other aspect of my being.  And even if you can’t afford to hire Mr Fine yourself. Or spring for his wonderful dvd .

You can at the very least follow him on twitter and absorb it…because trust me it is an education.

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