Romp around This summer

Summer Rompers

Oh Goodness, I know i’m late but hey the summer is still in full swing and if how hot it has been this summer is any indication on what we are to look forward to for the rest of the season, there is plenty of time for you to get into a fun Romper…hmm this trend takes me back to my youth.

But this is the first time that you have had soo many choices and designers of the cute one piece short sets that have been so popular this season.  But don’t take my word for it.  So this is a perfect look for you to take into your last day of summer cook outs and final beach days.

The Rebirth of A Style Classic MCM

Mcm Handbags
Mcm Handbags from 2010 NY FAshion Week

Now I don’t wanna toot my own horn but Beep Beep…I was on a video shoot recently and I told the stylist on set, doing her job and ish….that is she wanted to wow them on the red carpet for her next celebrity client, she should accesorise their look with a MCM bag. To which she gave me the craziest look ever until I took her to the website.  And then she knew.
I was however pleasantly surprised to see the “Tents” adorned with fashion accessories by MCM the seemingly long forgotten German luxury brand MCM (founded in 1976 by Michael Cromer Munich) which until recently were sold exclusively over seas. Now when MCM bags were worn in the 80s when they first came to my attention they seemed to only come in 3 colors, the cognac brow, white, navy/black. And seemed to be only available in limited shapes such as the speedy style and clutch as the most popular.  But today’s MCM bags come in many more colors and shapes and hold on to your wallets girls, they will Once again be sold back here in the states.
and if you ever doubted that I saw this coming here are some pictures of me from my facebook page from last year…

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I am a fashionista yet..

Narciso Rodriguez Fashion Week Presentation

Narciso Rodriguez NY Fashion Week 2010
Narciso Rodriguez NY Fashion Week 2010

Superstar Designer Narciso Rodriguez, a favorite of Celebrities like Jessica Alba, Reese Whitherspoon, Zoe Saldano, Drew Barrymore, and Sex in the City’s Style Icon Sarah Jessica Parker.  So when I had the honor to attend his Fashion Week Presentation at Bryant Park I thought that I was in for a treat. I assumed that since all of the young and hot free spirits love to wear his designs, that I was in for some fashion inspiration for my closet.
And even though I know that the presentation at Bryant Park was a death of an era, (with Narciso being one of the last designers to show there),  it seemed that Narciso Designed his frocks just for the occasion.  As one of my blogger buddies put it, “He made clothes to Die in Not to Die for”  Most of the line consisted of Drab colors, blacks and browns, and seemed to lack any inspiration for me as a buyer.  Not of a fancy department store, but of pieces that would work for me in my closet and If I was into Goth Wear or in my mourning period I would definitely reach for these pieces but As God Is my witness If ever I need to wear these clothes, Put me in a padded room. And although there were a few pieces with punches of color, they weren’t any cuts, or fits that would qualify them as pieces that were made to enhance the positive aspects of a woman’s physique.
And since Narciso is one of the favorite designers of our First Lady Michelle Obama I was so excited to get the ticket to this show, alas..No…Now I am definitely not a critique but I for sure am a consumer and If I were forced to consume these fashions I would barf it up immediately, But hey don’t take my word for it look at the pics from the show for yourself.

NY Fashion Week Farewell to Bryant Park

NY Fashion Week 2010
NY Fashion Week 2010

After 17 years Bryant Park held its final Fashion Show.  And as the show came to a close with fashion Presentations by Legendary American Designers Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger, It was an end of an era, And I was privileged to be able to attend.   The highlight of the shows for me that were stand outs were Naeem Khan, Chrisian Siriano, and Carolina Herrera  but although I attended a few shows including Narciso Roriguez and Toni Francesc, I would say that I was less than impressed. But without a doubt fashion showed that they had heart by holding two fashion shows to benefit charity, the “Heart Truth’s Red Dress” which had many celebrities as well as, Naomi Campbell’s Fashion show “Fashion for Haiti”

I was however pleasantly surprised to see the “Tents” adorned with fashion accessories by MCM the seemingly long forgotten German luxury brand MCM (founded in 1976 by Michael Cromer Munich) which until recently were sold exclusively over seas. I told you they were making a comeback but we will talk about that next post. The coolest thing about fashion week was the AOL media booths where we were able to record a message and it would be posted on AOL to let the world know we had the hottest ticket in town to the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Bryant Park and Here was mine.

SGG's Nik Banks & Kitty Bradshaw attends NY Fashion Week 2010
SGG's Nik Banks & Kitty Bradshaw attends NY Fashion Week 2010

Briana Bingham Presents B Marie

Briana Bingham Harlem Heights
Briana Bingham Harlem Heights
Ok so I went to an event previewing the new line of Brianna Bigham.  Many of you may know her as one of the Break Out stars and resident Fashionistas of BET’s Harlem Heights. And Although the party had a nice turn out held at the swanky Cabana Lounge in New York’s Maritime Hotel, when you launch a line the guests aren’t as important as the product.
As an avid handbag collector and in a day and age where every one has started to raise the handbag bar way up. You would be hard pressed to find a hand bag today that is not a good look at every price point. With discount brands like Hype, Jessica Simpson and Steve Madden’s higher end yet still moderately priced line Steven, all turning out great handbags that look of high quality at a price that won’t break the bank. To the investment pieces, like Gucci and Prada. I don’t know if B. Marie has what it takes to really compete in the oversaturated market with the effort that she has put forth with the line thus far. But I will let the handbags speak for themselves. For More Info on her line check out her website

The James Gallery Salutes Fashion & Film of the 1960s

James Gallery fashion and film of the 1960s
James Gallery fashion and film of the 1960s
This weekend I had a private showing of the James’ Gallery’s Multimedia Salute to 1960’s Film and Fashion.  And after a tour of these impressive fashions, It was obvious, “ I was born in the wrong era for fashion.  The Mulit-media  exhibit included, hand sketches of costumes designed for famous films of the time, such as L’Avventura  and the Merry Widow.  There were also vintage gowns designed by designer  Emilio Pucci, tuxedo jacket by famed Men’s fashion house Brioni , gowns by Ferdinando Sarmi,  and suit by Chanel.  The Exhibition also featured pictures of Audrey Hepburn,  John Wayne, Gregory Peck, Salvatore Ferragamo, Ingmar Bergman, Gina Lollobrigida, and Louis Armstrong.  This amazing exhibition also featured movies from the 1960s.
Here are a few of My favorite designs. View all **HERE**

Christian Siriano Spring 2010 for Payless Shoes

Christian Siriano for Payless
Christian Siriano for Payless
So this year I had the extreme pleasure of going to the Finale at Mercedez Benz Fashion Week.  During that week Project Runway’s Season 4 winner Christian Siriano held a fabulous fashion presentation.

This week I had the extreme pleasure of viewing his shoe collection for Payless, and although i wasn’t keen on Payless shoes, depending on the quality. But The design of these are shoes I think Alot of women wouldn’t mind paying more for.  All of the shoes are designed to compliment the  above collection.   Here are a few of my favorite dress design  but here is were you can view the shoe collection.

View All styles from the SHOE collection.