Mrs Officer Playing Dress up
Mrs Officer Playing Dress up
Ok so surely I am not the only one who has gone to my local costume shop, Party City or Ricky’s post October 31st  to get that half off deal on a little outfit that was meant to inspire someone to request that he other half come off.
I remember one hard working young gent that I dated several years back, who worked at a very demanding job, and after he came home from a long hard days work, I put on my nurses uniform and let him take my temperature.
And well lets just say he was exhausted after working his day job, and the night assignment I had for him as well.  To me there is nothing better than to dress up for my man.It puts me in the mood to please when I feel sexy, and most men enjoy the effort and the floor show, especially if it is a surprise.

I mean since the song has come out, how many of you ladies out there have not donned a police uniform and played Mrs Officer, for you man If you haven’t you might wanna try. It is a great way to spice things up and like I said put you in a proper mood.
I have a friend whose man was a big fan of the NFL team the NY Jets and she dressed up in his favorite team jersey and lets just say put a few plays on him that kept him running back.
Dress up in a French maids outfit and clean the house in fish nets and pumps I’m sure it will make your house work interesting if your man has a pulse.  And it will also give him something to think about the next time he sees you bending over to wash the tub.
And as it is January and not close to Halloween if you wanna get a jump on the season. I have provided a link to some of my favorite haunts just to give you a little inspiration.