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Do You Believe in God

Just a little video made by our very own triple G, who wants you to ask yourself what do you believe in?  There has to be something more than just the tangible in life, something more than what we can see or hear, and whatever that is for you it is important that we seek it and come reconcile all of the things we face in this world with our spirit.

So Although we Don’t really cover religion here on the site. I’m all for inspiration and I hope this video is a little food for thought and helps you to get right with your sense of self.

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Step Up’s Spa Pamper Party

Spa Party

Step Up’s most dedicated leaders are hosting Soirees this as a grassroots fundraising effort to support Step Up’s programming to bridge communities of professional women and underserved girls through mentorship, networking and advancement opportunities.

Featuring special guest, Cheryl Reid, Founder of Spa Week.

Guests will enjoy…
good company
complimentary mini-services
sips and snacks
hearing from Spa Week Founder Cheryl Reid
15% discount on future purchases
20% off products at the event
opportunity drawing for 3 prizes valued at $150 each

Snacks generously donated by Edible Arrangements

Transcend the ordinary and journey to a higher plane of well being. Come as you are, leave your worries behind and turn yourself over to Deva-Spa’s esteemed spa professionals, who will guide you on a customized Deva “day-cation.” Their therapeutic and advanced spa treatments, use natural and certified organic ingredients. for more information and ticket purchase

Pamper Party For One

pamper yourself

Now, I know all of your girls are busy, running your households, handling your businesses and holding down the fort but every now and again we have to take some time out to make love to ourselves. What is life with out replenishing I remember one day when i was running around all day like a chicken with my head cut off so much so that i didn’t have time to eat and a friend of mine, a man, said do you expect your car to drive if you don’t put gas in your car?
So for this mother’s day I ask what i always ask for for mothers day a lil mother f*king peace and quiet. So for this mother’s day and any old day you feel like it make sure that you follow my my strict Friday Pamper schedule, with a little intensive therapy that might also help you navigate your way through this crazy lil world.
Pamper Yourself
Pamper Yourself
Make some time Just for You
Although as a single woman you may spend a lot of time alone, you know just as well as I do not all time is quality time.  I am very big on utilizing what I have to make the best outta of my mood.   So here are a few tips on how to get your started.
Step 1.  First thing you need to do is make a playlist of some feel good music.   I like to start out with any George Michael it is sure to get that party started of hair brush singing in front of my floor length mirror and no matter what is going on in my life I’m about to get things popping with a little old MJ, circa 1980’s Off the Wall, some Omarion’s Entourage and for sure,  since I am West Indian, there isn’t any music that celebrates the beauty of Black women like Reggae.
Step 2.  I like to start of with a glass of wine or Champagne.  And since i included my the recipe to my SGG Strawberry Mojito try that, It always makes the night go easier..Lol
Step 3.  Next I get out my foot spa and relax.  If your don’t have a foot spa, you might wanna take your party right to the tub. Try to add some drops of peppermint oil to the water for maximum relaxation mix w/ lavender. Disperse oil in water by blending first with a teaspoon of honey or jojoba oil before adding to your foot/bath. Side note and I found this out purely coincidentally. If you add these oils to your conditioner, they make for great scalp stimulation but if you also condition while you shower, They also provide a little stimulation for you too as well if you catch my drift.
Step4. I love scented candles so your aroma therapy situation should be for serious.
Now that you have taken out some time for yourself you are ready to take on the world. So make sure that you remember to every now and again to put yourself first. It doesn’t make you self fish, is makes you able to treat other’s better when you feel good about your self please enjoy your day and remember it is not just once a year.

Relax Relate Release with Yoga

Relax with Yoga
Relax with Yoga


Let’s Face it being Single is a stressful hobby to have, I mean sure it does have a few built in relaxation techniques if you get Lucky LITERALLY, or you could fall asleep on a date with one of those guys who ramble on endlessly about themselves as you pretend to listen. OR you could just do what I do take a free sample of Yoga at Yoga Universe.
I never really have the time to take a class because HELLO I’m spending most of my nights up writing for you guys or out there doing “RESEARCH” *wink wink* to write for you. But yoga Universe’s online classes allow you to take them when ever you want and it offers you a 3 day trial that takes you through several of the beginners poses but don’t take my word for it take the first class now.
At the end of Day 1, you will:
Understand the basic building block postures of yoga
Learn feel-good breath work that will benefit you in future practice
Stretch muscles you didn’t know needed stretching
Get rid of nasty toxins
Feel centered in your mind and invigorated in your body and spirit!
And who doesn’t need that.
If you decide to continue to Do Yoga with Yoga Universe there is a slight fee but shoot, for the comfort and ease of being able to clear your mind of all of that man business the dating world gives you it is at least worth a free trail.
ANNNDDD  If Relaxation isn’t what you are into ponder on these lil yoga facts:
·Yoga increases flexibility for love making it makes you limber and relax, by helping you build a strong supple body.
·Helps you to increase over all blood flow and a some poses such as the eagle pose increases your overall blood flow direct it straight toward your pelvis literally making you hot increasing your sensitivity and desire
·Practice Makes perfect
·Yoga tones and strengthens your entire core including your pelvic floor. And the more you work these muscles, the greater range of motion you have which will give you stronger contractions and releases, which can help you experience a more intense orgasm.”
·It Helps you to clear your mind and quiet your thoughts by focusing on your breath during a pose, which helps you become more aware of yourself   and your own needs allowing you to relax your mind and enjoy the sensation of the activity.
·Yoga moves like triangle and seated open-angle pose stimulate your chakras which according to Eastern philosophy, governs your sexual center.
So I don’t know about you but if you can’t find me out in the city being single you will probably find me at working on my Namaste ‘ (if that makes any sense at all). LOL

Tribeca Med-Spa

Tribeca Med Spa
SGG visits Tribeca Med Spa

Being a self proclaimed recessionista, and as a Native New Yorker I have to admit I hate paying retail for anything. From my shoes, to clothing if it has a sales ticket I can’t resist it and My recent trip to TriBeca Med Spa was not different. As a working mother and entrepreneur, I barely have time to get the laundry done but I do try to make it a priority to visit the spa every once and a while. And thus I logged on to New York Spa week for their Fall Spa Week Event and signed on for some discount spa services.

On my first visit to Tribeca Med Spa I was pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the space. The waiting area was tranquill and the staff was extremely accommodating. For my service the owner offered me a facial, with black head extraction (God Knows I needed it) and because of the discount (which she kindly extended for me because they were booked up for the Spa Week Special) the service that usually cost $150.00 cost me only $55.00.
Now I will have to warn you they have a strict 24 hour cancellation policy with no charge but if you don’t show up you will be charged a fee of 50% of the service. So it would have cost me $75.00 to cancel a $55.00 service, however when I needed to reschedule the service the day before they were immediately accommodating and even squeezed me in right away. The owner explained that they are usually booked and have a normal waiting list of up to 30 days and I can see why.
The esthetician that did my facial diagnosed my skin (fyi I am normal but oily in the t-zones nose forehead and chin) and she also gave me some tips on how to maintain my skin between treatments which she said at the minimum should be at least done quarterly, since the season changes wreak havoc on skin. Since most bacteria can clog pores she suggested that
I wash my face with a wash that has alpha hydroxyl acid. Acids of any sort are useful in helping to exfoliate the skin because they break apart the proteins (lipids) that hold skin cells, particularly dead skin cells, together. Salicylic acids are most often found in treatments for acne, but there are some skin creams on the market that use very mild concentrations to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks, pimples, and blemishes.
Another important thing is to use toners (which fyi I never do). But no matter how you clean your face the toner gets all that cleansers miss.

  • Keep your hands out of your face.  Since most of the things that clog our pores is just pure nastiness.
  • Wash day and night.
  • Make sure you remove all of your make up daily. This is self explanatory.
  • Clean make up brushes and utensils.
  • Throw away all disposable items (sponges and puffs) you can buy them at the drug store on the cheap but the more expensive brushes should be washed ever 2-4 weeks. There are plenty of cleaners that you can use to make this happen. But if all else fails you can use a good shampoo. And some says let it air dry but the debate is still out on that.

Since I am a woman of a certain age she suggested that I make sure to exfoliate with a gentle scrub once a week. Since as you age your skin turn over isn’t as quick as it was when you were a youth you need to help it along.
So needless to say she used their skinceuticals cleansing cream on my face which is an exfoliating cream cleanser for normal skin and a toner. And they made my face feel soo good after a steam that I could not resist. To purchase it but You don’t have to come to New York to give great face.  Check out in your area to see if you can schedule your self a pamper party of your own.
And if all else fails try this one.