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RHOA's Lawrence

Honestly that wasnt my intent and there were some guys there that didnt swing that way but for whatever reason they werent up to each others taste. But There was one man in particular with whom I was completely enthralled, who came to the party and was a Guest of Our Hostess. He was clearly effeminate but if you missed those signals he had a Fabulous Birken Bag that cost more than my clue you in on what team he played for..

So one night after the party I was hanging out with the aforementioned gentleman. And He made a remark about how he sometimes indulged in the lady pond… ** BLANK STARE** Now, He was completely transparent so I didnt mind asking candid questions and he as completely honest when I asked him which he preferred and He told me his preference was found the comfort of men, but he is constantly hit on by women… To which I asked a dumb question, Do they know youre gay!?! and he said Girl Yes. So I directed my attention to his companion for the evening and he Told me he wasnt Gay persay because his preference is women but he sometimes dabbles in men.

Now this isnt the first Ive heard of this phenomenon, of straight women hitting on and wanting To be sexually involved with openly gay men And Birken is a cool guy and all but am I missing something, could you be attracted to an overtly Gay Man?
Have you heard of this?
Is having a man that dabbles in Men a deal breaker?
and if you are attracted to a gay man what do you attracts you about them?
Do you think its ok to ask your man if hes ever been with other men? Leave a comment Id love to hear your thoughts..

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You can’t handle the truth love & Hip Hop

you can't handle the truth vh1 love and hip hop


So tonight was the season premiere of another VH1 show where black women fight and no time like the first episode to get it on, and VH1’s Love & Hip Hop didn’t disappoint….anyone except me.  I could get into the reasons why I’m disappointed at watching this type of show and why I haven’t been watching as much TV as I have in the Past and also why I’m reading more books (I thank crappy TV for that).

But in this episode a few new cast members were introduced, a girl name Vandy? (Please don’t get

Emily and Fab

mad if I don’t know these women’s names I really wasn’t that invested.) The Vandy girl is supposeably Jim Jones’ Manager, and she is trying to get the woman who was affianced to Jim Jones By way of her asking him because she got tired of waiting for him to pop the question (Chrissy), and her paramour’s fellow band mate’s Babbie’s Muva in my Shaquita Voice… whose name is Kimbella?  To get along so they could help get Dipset back together.

First off sorry about that, Dipset band thing but what else can I call them, (I know dipset isn’t a band), and second. Sorry for all the question marks but I don’t care about these chick’s or their names, I’m just giving them to move the story along.

Anywho… Vandy introduced, Kim to Chrissy so they could be one big happy family.  If you watched the show in previous seasons, there is a woman Emily, who is in a “relationship” and I use that word loosely with a rapper Fabulous who refused to be seen in public with her or publicly acknowledge her as his girlfriend, and they lived together and he refused to be on the show….(Damn that was me in a former life)…


Any how… In this particular episode She had finally gotten the balls to break up with this man (is it still called that when he doesn’t know he’s in a relationship **shrugs**) and throws a little party to commemorate her new found “freedom”  And as she is announcing her proud split from this man.


The new rapper’s (Juelz) baby muva, told the now old baby Muva (Fab’s) that she too spent intimate time with her man, while they were dating, and even more so while they were pregnant OUCH…  SIGH.

Now, I know the truth hurts. And her delivery could have used some work, and although I respect Kim for telling this woman that her “man” cheated on her,  But If this was real life and not reality TV I know I might not have been so honest.

Since they are cast-mates on a reality show, chances are the blogs, wags and more would have outted this girl’s involvement with Fab, because unlike Emily Fab’s Baby Mom’s (sorry I type it ghetto but it’s ghetto)..this young woman might’ve actually been pictured and or seen out in the light of day with Fab and it might have gotten back to them when and if they actually have struck up a genuine friendship, and the fall out and betrayal factor might have been beyond repair

But In real life, If I am initially meeting a woman, invited to her party after meeting her once or twice because she is a friend of a friend AND I realized that both of us might have waded in the same man pool or had him wade in ours, I might skip that little dinner conversation.  Especially if they had a child and He and I were passing fancies’ or He was definitely in my past.

The “other woman” doesn’t owe this woman an explanation and especially if for all intensive purposes she isn’t REALLY his woman.  Especially if as in the episode, when Kimbellla was honest, she Had a bunch of women jumping down her throat, and one literally trying to beat the crap outta her.  And worst off it wasn’t the party she actually offended… People say honesty is the best policy but I say some truths Aint worth telling… and women are funny about their men…


I would’ve left well enough alone, but what about you…tell me what you think? Would you have told her, Do you think she was Justified in getting punched in the face..Let me know what you think..

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An Evening With Ledisi


My Cousin Charan has been singing this young Lady’s praises for the Longest.  I can’t count the number of times that I have heard her mention something about attending her performances.

Ledisi Performing Samsung NYC
Ledisi Performing Samsung NYC

So when I received the invite to attend her recent show at the Samsung Experience in the Time Warner Center, for the private listening party for her upcoming album I jumped at the chance and I wasn’t the least bit disappointed.

She blew us away literally, With Guest such as Black Thought of the Roots, BET President Stephen Hill amongst others It was a great evening of music. Although I have to admit I really wasn’t that familiar with her music, that voice can not be denied .

And the live performance she gave, she sang (yes SANG) until she poured with sweat.  My favorite song besides the title cut “Pieces Of Me”, was definitely the song she introduced as her expression of her pimp moment when she announced it was called “Hate that you Love me”…

It was an empowering song about a woman who is in a relationship with a man, who can’t seem to get her out of his mind, no matter how he tries, but she is her first true love, and honey I can relate to having that struggle….lmao… She might as well called my name.

But don’t take my word for it click here to hear some music.  check out her page for more info on the new album.

5 Guys You Won’t Date Twice

There are several different types of people and personalities that walk this earth and the degree of variation between bachelor prospects is vast.  Most of what you learn about people is observed over time, as you get to know them– dating provides opportunities to determine if you’d like to get to know someone better.   Some first dates lead to second & third dates & so on.  But other first dates… are with these guys… whom you decide to never go out with again…

the Cheap Guy
He knew he asked you out for dinner and a movie.  He should have scheduled it during a pay week, instead of pulling a “Thurgood” from Half Baked.    No disrespect to budget awareness, but when he suggested the 2 for $20 (or other set price) as the waitress was present,  while you clearly mentioned to him you wanted to order a specific dish not featured on THAT menu & the movie was “Avatar” on his cricKet phone, you decided you weren’t going out with him again.

the Stupid Guy
While his initial conversation when you met was intriguing enough to agree to a date, it was also apparently too brief.  During the rendez-vous, you realize the knowledge barrier between the two of you is as great as the wall in China and soon see that conversations above the remedial 9th grade level will not be happening.  You think to yourself, “did he just pronounce tilapia like that?” followed by,“hmmph, I am never going out with this fool again.”

the Poorly-Dressed Guy
You got dolled up in fabulous heels & flawless makeup and he shows up looking like (as my grandmother used to say): Who Shot John.  True- his rugged construction look may have been more than half the reason you gave him your phone number, but his dusty, circa 2001 clothing and dirty nails are not making you swoon at one of the city’s hot lounge spots.  He may have the ability to lay pipe, but will receive the no-call-back-treatment for his evening plumber apparel.

the Too Early for Sexual Innuendos Guy
While it may or may not be true that women know upon first glance if they will get it on with you, this guy ruins ANY chances by being extra and over-the-top.  Clearly, he has not mastered being suave, but thinks his compliments-coupled-with-sly-remarks are helping him out on this first date When it’s finally over and you’re minding your manners and thank him for a “lovely” evening, you end up thanking him once again for complimenting your gorgeous hair & cringe internally at his ump-teenth mention of wanting to pull it as you vow to remove this guy from your memory bank and dating pool.

the Pulls His Penis Out Guy
I honestly don’t know where the audacity comes from, but haven’t we all seen it? (pun intended).   Right in the middle of having an enjoyably normal and engaging first date, he whips out his junk.  What was it about your dialogue on music genres that waved the “bring the man meat out” flag in his brain?  and honestly, WHY was he so proud to display that 1-hander?? Ugh, completely turned off & with nothing left to your imagination– you change his name in your contacts list to “DNA” (Do Not Answer) as soon as he puts the trouser worm away.

As single ladies, we encounter so many different types of people in pursuit of the perfect love connection.  Luckily, there are some weirdo guys like the five above who eliminate themselves early, so we don’t have to waste our time.  At the end of the day, it’s all about impressions– weren’t we ALL taught the same old adage about never getting a second chance to make first ones?

Basket Ball Wives Jennifer Williams

basketball wives jennifer williams

I haven’t met a basketball wife that I don’t like that is of course I haven’t met Evelyn.  But earlier this year I had the distinct pleasure to meet VH1 cast member Basketball Wives’ only resident MRS(period) Jennifer Williams, during a charity event.

And I didn’t really know what to expect.  From the show she seemed to be a little stuck up and snotty, My sister kept referring to her as the “Paris Hilton” One, because of the way that she speaks. But When I met her (and now it’ s been on several occasions) she seemed to be a very nice woman, although maybe a little misunderstood.

But the thing that struck me was her brutal honest and no holds barred answers to all of my questions.   We talk about the drama surrounding season One, the Fued between the girls, and Royce…the BITCH Gloria, The Status of her marriage and Looking forward ahead to season 2…

Here’s Part One of the interview:::

Please keep in mind when we keep referring to this season we are talking about Season One not the current Season which Premiere’s on VH1 this Sunday.

Ne-yo’s Libra Scale

neyo party invite
neyo party invite

Sometimes I love my Life and last night was one of those nights.  Not just because I got to hang with my best friend after dragging him out with me just to tool around NYC but Mostly because we had an eventful evening that ended with not one but Two Live performances by Neyo…The party was held at a Secret location (uhm i don’t remember the name), which was surreal because it was held in the middle of a restaraunt where there where children upstairs dinning that could care less what was going on down stairs…the After party party was held NY Hot spot Lavo. and it was such tougher than Fort Knox to get into..I joked that security was soo good that Barack better had been in there.

[singlepic id=1463 w=320 h=240 float=center]

[singlepic id=1474 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Many Celebrities were in attendance such as Nick Cannon,  Many Record Executives including LA Reid, R&B singer Ashanti and fellow Libra, super star song writer Sean Garret and  more…I would remember more…if their wasn’t a champagne Bar of Moet Rose and men with magnums passing them out in rose colored moet glasses and i’m posting this with the hangover that went to bed with me last night. But you got the jist fun night…Thank You Ne-yo….and thank You Moet…

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Beyond the Boroughs

[singlepic id=1457 w=420 h=340 float=center]

SGG attended a Fund Raiser for “Beyond the Boroughs” A charity established by Former NFL Player Tutan Reyes.  This 10 year Veteran of the NFL  and Native New Yorker, established his charity in 2007, as a national scholarship program.

During his remarkable 10 year career, Tutan Reyes has come to the aid of the people in his community, and still remains humble in his philanthropic pursuits. At the end of He aims to help students from beyond his alma mater in Jamaica Queens- to help any student who eagerly wants to go to college, but can not afford it.

Each scholarship is $20,000 over four years and is awarded to both male and female students of any race from any of the 50 United States. Reyes has also been active in replicating the success of this program by building the administrative capacity for other players to distribute scholarships.

This is SGG’s 2nd year in attendance and the events Keep getting better.  If you wanna support Beyond the Boroughs contact them through there website.

Reyes said that you can do a monthly pledge of $5 or $10.  Every Little bit helps a Kid continue their education.

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