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I don’t diet…Correction I don’t subscribe to diets….but Everyone diets.. You Do know that everything you put into your mouth is a part of your “diet”?


We all know that some of the things we are consuming aren’t the best for our bodies, but who wants to do another diet?  For me I am taking the new start of  the new year, to find a more pleasing menu that will be excitable to my palate as well as healthy for my body and I’m looking into the Fresh Diet as an option.

fresh direct
Fresh Direct Grilled Mahi Mahi

If you own a TV I’m sure  you see a barrage of celebrities trying to get  you to try one diet system or another, but what really matters to me is RESULTS.

If you want to live a Sexy Single Life it’s a conscious effort to be the best you that you can be and that means that you have to work on your mind body and spirit… What better way to jump start your Sexy, than by taking the time to look at what Fresh Diet has to offer.
What most appeals to me about Fresh Diet is that they offer gourmet meals, Cooked fresh daily in state of the art local kitchens.  None of those vacuumed pack meals.  Fresh Diet offers  4 choices for each meal plus 6 choices for 2 sides and 2 snacks each day.  And they also tailors the meals to your liking (they keep a record of your dislikes).  Come It’s the closest many of us will have to having a

Cheese Cake Anyone?

Personal Chef…


For me the goal is healthy eating, not soo much weight loss, but with calorie controlled meals, and with an average weight loss of (1-3 pounds per week), I’m sure Fresh Diet will help you reach your weight goals if that’s your thing.
Since Fresh Diet is a sponsor of this site, They are offering a deal for our readers.   Start today and get 3 days free with the purchase of a 31 day plan.  And as a bonus –  They will give you a 6 day supply of Hint Premium Essence Water and a fitness DVD from Jessica Smith to help kick your weight loss plan up a notch. Click here for more details or   to take advantage of this special offer or call 866-FRESH-50 (866-373-7450) and use Promo code:  singlejan3



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