nicole miller
nicole miller

Last week Iconic Fashion Designer Nicole Miller joined forces with Indego Africa and threw and event to launch their new collaboration for a Really Great Cause. And According to Matt Mitro Indego’s Founder It was a rousing success. As all of the bracelets were a sell out.

Nicole Miller has joined forces with the master artisans at Indego Africa’s Partner co-ops in

Nicole Miller Braceltes
nicole miller bracelets retail for $25

Rwanda to create an exclusive collection of fair trade Textile Bangles! Available in sets of three, each bangle is wrapped with vibrant African fabrics. The Striking colors and patterns make a bold fashion statement that is sure to garner attention.

“The “eye-popping” bracelets – both woven and textile – were completely sold out, a testament to Nicole’s design concept and the talent of our artisan partners. By shopping at Indego Africa, you are not only providing women in Rwanda with a fair wage and needed income, but also expressing support for their incredible artistic talent”

The women at Indego Africa’s partner co-ops previously earned less than $1 per day and support an average family of five. Thanks to your purchase of this product, they now earn over four times that amount¬†and gain valuable long-term skills. Indego Africa is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, so please consider a¬†donation to the special Nicole Miller Product Development fund in addition to your purchase! For more information visit

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