The price of fashion or shall I say counterfeit fashion in the streets of NYC has just gotten higher.   According to a new proposal by the New York City Council. It seems that if a person is caught in the City’s Famed China town district buying counterfeit hand bags they may be locked up and thrown in the pokey.

Although I am opposed to this Law I do propose that He be Arrested

Now come on, bad enough you have to resort to buying your goods on the streets is it should this really be a punishable offense?  I mean in this here recession, when people are not only trying to save a buck and earn a living do you think this is an effective use of my tax dollars.

If you want to start arresting people I think you should arrest Louis Vuitton for making hand bags that cost thousands that I can’t at first site tell apart from the  $20 joints that they have down on Canal Street.

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