Create a Sexy Army Go Navy Blue Eye Shadow


I recently came across this tutorial teaching the ladies how to do what she called “Beyonce’s inspired Smokey Eyes” actually I was looking for a video on something totally different but The Island Beauty’s make up tuts are always fab as is her hair videos but It inspired me to reach into my bag of tricks when when I did my make up for the day and check me out.

You can check out how The Island Beauty’s video on how to do a blue smokey eye. But if you dont know where to start here are some tips on how I got this Effect.

I used Mac’s cream base on the lids, in Black.
Added a Mac shadow in Navy Blue
Mac Helium which is a irridesent pink under the brow bone for highlight
Make up forever Gold Metallic powder in 1 in the inner corners (close to my nose)
And Mac’s Carbon on my crease (where your eye lids meet when they are open)

How to Have the Best Single Girl Summer

A few weeks back A wonderful new book called Single Girl’s Summer came to my attention.  Of Course us here at Single Girl’s Guide to Men could relate to another young single trying to live their best single life and summertime is my favorite time of the year to be single.

And with the passing of the fourth of July the Single Girl Summer 2011 is in full swing so we thought we would reach out to Deanna Burrell Author of Single Girl’s Summer to find out about her new novel and how we could make this summer this best Single Girl’s Summer EVER!!!

Single Girl Summer is about embracing life and making the most of you time and talents. Here are some suggestions to have the best Single Girl Summer ever.

Tell me about the characters in your book… The three main characters are Button Jackson, Meghan

Deanna Burrell Author of "Single Girl Summer"

Cherry, and Dawn Martin. Each woman represents a different perspective on being single. Button Jackson is the self-proclaimed, ultimate singe girl who loves to date, but has no female friends. Meghan Cherry is nursing the wounds from a fresh and painful divorce. Dawn Martin is driving herself crazy as she’s stuck in purgatory waiting for a marriage proposal from her long-term boyfriend. They meet in the spring and embark on this Single Girl Summer adventure together where you find themselves sharing their relationship perspectives and learning from each other.

Tips For Having Your Best Single Girl’s Summer

1) Go out “with yourself” at least once. Don’t say “by yourself”, because you’re marvelous company and you’re not by yourself. You’re “with yourself”. Go the movies with yourself. If you’ve never done this before, I can understand your apprehension. But it’s really easy. I don’t recommend going to a weekend evening showing because there’ll be a lot of people there and it’s prime date time.But if you must go to the first showing on the weekends or take a day off from work and go during the weekday. It won’t be really crowded and I guarantee there’ll be other solo people there. Don’t feel the need to make conversation with anyone, just chill and enjoy the thoughts in your own head. You make an awesome party of one.

2) Speaking of parties of one, Celebrate you.Don’t wait for a special occasion. You woke up this morning, that’s special occasion enough.

Drink champagne just because.

3) Purposely overdress to an event.

Don’t be afraid to stand out.

4)Throw caution to the wind and do something daring. Skydive, jump in the pool with your clothes on, kiss a cute boy in the club that you don’t know and then leave.

Watch a Sun Set

5) Appreciate mother nature’s power and beauty. Get up early and watch the sunset. Dance in the rain. Go out on your backporch and marvel at the moon.

Go for a long walk on the beach.

6) Take a day off work and be a tourist in your city. Don’t take your great city for granted. Visit your museums, take a sightseeing tour, take pictures of yourself at famous landmarks. Whatever you laugh at the tourists for doing, go do it.

Don’t let the out of town folks soak up all the culture.

7) Acknowledge your gift. What is that nagging thought or great idea that just won’t go away? It’s your gift. Recognize it, formulate a plan, and getting started letting your light shine.

8) Count your blessings and be a blessing. Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Babysit for a friend that needs some me-time. Spend some quality time with your parents.

9) Drop any dead weight. If you know he aint sh*t, aint never gone be sh*t, aint never gone be about sh*t, then stop messing around with him. Holding onto old baggage doesn’t leave space for new blessings to come into your life. If being with him makes you feel like crap, STOP IT! The same goes for female friends. If she’s always making jokes at your expense, borrowing money that never gets repaid or canceling plans at the last minute, then she needs to go bu-bye too.

10) Go on multiple dates in one day. Meet one for breakfast, one for a walk in the park, and then one for dinner and dancing. Then meet your girls at the bar and tell them all about it.

You’ll be tired, but you’ll have a great story to tell.

11) When you get all dressed up, you need as many people as possible to see how cute you look so hit at least five spots in one night. You don’t have to stay long, but you do have to make sure everyone sees fabulous you.

12) Pull an ultimate get little. If you go into a party and it’s a dud, don’t stay. Life is too short to be bored. And don’t bother making up an excuse why you have to leave. Just bounce. Don’t pass go. Don’t collect $200. Don’t say good-bye, just ghost. Head off to the next par-tay. It’s called the ultimate get little.

13) Know that going outside doesn’t have to break the bank.

Find fun free stuff to do and bring your flask.

Instead of paying $10 for a vodka cranberry, just order the $2 cranberry and pour in the contents of your flask. Instant party and fantastic savings.

If You want to find out more information on “Single Girl’s Summer” Deanna Burrell check out her website. or follow her on twitter @SingleGrlSummer

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Sex Calendar

we’re single and dating. (which often also means we’re young and fertile). There’s an obvious need to keep track of our ovulation calendars… but keeping an addendum sex calendar is so much more fun!

As many of my single girls’ guide posts, this article’s existence is attributed to a recent Girls’ Night — somehow during Happy Hour with some girlfriends my cell phone was being passed around. (it had everything to do with a certain provocative photograph I had received via text).

One of my best gal pals is the type to investigate & play around with gadgets, so when my phone was passed to her, she checked out the penis pic and went on to look through my applications list. She then pulled out her phone and compared notes…

I have an ovulation calendar app that has notations for several things, including “had sex” days which are noted with small purple circles on the calendar. She had the same app – but apparently I had quite a bit more purple dots in June than she did; so she hi-fived me.

Soon after, sexual prowess and frequent activity was the topic of the hour–
We talked about multiple reasons why a healthy, active sex life is important to a woman. Obviously, there’s the old adage that people who “get it” on the regular are, in general, happier people with happier moods. But there’s also many health advantages to regularly engage in coitus and experience orgasms…

Most notably, having regular sex promotes a reduced risk of heart disease (because, let’s be honest — it’s a great cardio workout!) Also, frequent sex enhances bladder control & prevents incontinence each time you flex those kegel muscles in the act (no Depends for you at 45!) As noted, sex is a great workout – doing it regularly promotes your overall fitness.

FYI: swallowing contributes to good oral hygiene, because seminal plasma contains zinc, calcium, and other minerals proven to hinder tooth decay (many believe that it’s also good for the skin)

Having regular sex also promotes a healthy prostate in men – so if you care about him, give him some often. It’ll do you both good!

Keeping a sex calendar will boost your spirits, health, and confidence, with each beautiful view of the bounty of purple circles in a given month (or whatever your mobile app or manual hand designate for HAD SEX days).

I urge you all to pat yourselves on the back after every job well done. My friend was certainly vowing to put more purple dots in her life by the end of Girls’ Night.

Caribean Salad

Carribean Salad

Check out this fabulous recipe for a tropical salad that is not only sweet but tasty. You can make it to liven up your summertime gathering and it looks fab on your table as well.

Check out their website to get the full recipe. Caribbean Salad

Do as I say, not as I do

Do As I say not As I Do
Do As I say not As I Do

Have you ever heard the phrase “Do as I say, not as I do?” I’m sure many of us heard someone say this at some point in our lives and most times it is coming from a person who is giving advice that he or she does not follow.

Recently I have been watching a lot of tv shows on Netflix and I’m currently viewing The secret life of the American teenager. It is about a 15 year old high school girl who gets pregnant and all of the trials that come along with it.

On a recent episode her father was lecturing her about being honest and doing the right thing. She politely pointed out to him the lies and errors that he has made in his own life.

It is difficult enough trying to get people to take your advice when you are actually practicing what you preach yet alone, trying to advise someone who clearly knows you are not doing what you are advising them to do.

One day I was going back and forth with my mother about a situation and when I left from her presence I realized immediately that I had just done the same thing to her that I hate when she does it to me.

Many times the very thing we cannot stand in others is the same traits within us.

I just read an article about Bishop Eddie Long. He is the international minister who spoke out intensely against homosexuality but was accused some months ago of coercing young boys into having sex with him. The writer was very upset with the fact that Long had paid a settlement but never came forth with the truth about the matter.

Basically saying that if Long was innocent he should have defended himself and made the hearing public.

Although he understood the paying of the settlement to keep from having any further damage done to his reputation he feels that with his followers not knowing the truth of the matter it does not allow many the option of forgiving him or not.

After reading this well written article I began to think about the people in his congregation. I thought about all of the people who still support Long and what kind of lives they must lead. I imagined them committing sins against the church, keeping it a secret and living double lives.

I can also see that after Long not shedding light on the subject further confirmed to them that they don’t have to be honest either.

I know that a lot of people are living by his example and not by what they really feel in their spirit.

I say this with conviction not only from what I see on a daily basis from people in general but because I saw a news clip of Long and his followers marching against homosexuality. In the segment they interviewed a lady from his church and asked her “why do you think homosexuality was wrong?” and she basically said “because Long said so.”

I cannot say I was in shock but it did amaze me that she could not speak from her on convictions.   I always say when the head is not right neither shall be the tail or the rest of the body of that fact.

I myself find it difficult to do what I’m told if the person who is telling me what to do is not following the rules. For example, I was working at a salon and we were told not to use our cell phones inside but the owners where always using theirs inside. Although I knew that they were the boss and could do whatever they wanted I would sometimes find myself using my cell phone inside especially if it wasn’t convenient to step outside.

Even when I owned my salon and things would go wrong with my employees I would always check myself first to see if I caused the problem since I was the head.

Many people who are parents, a boss, manager or supervisor never think that they contribute to the chaos that is caused amongst the people who they are in charge of.

In some cases it may not be your fault but in most cases I would bet it is.

None of us are perfect and every day we should be trying to strive for excellence.

I do not hold any unforgiveness against Long for what he has done because he is a flawed man like all of us. I no longer look to anyone but God as being above me no matter what their position is but there are many people who are looking at those in higher positions as examples.

So if you are one of those people who quote “Do as I say but not as I do,” I want to know, how is that working for you?

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How to Give Yourself a Scalp Massage

Promote Scalp Health with a scalp massage

Not that you need a reason to do something that feels good but a Scalp Massage is a way to give yourself a treat.  Honestly I wish it is something that I would do more. There are several benefits to doing a scalp massage but the ones that has convinced me in the past to add it to my beauty regiment are these.  Scalp Massage promote hair growth so by promoting blood flow to your follicles.  Scalp Massages relieve stress and tension.  Regular scalp massage stimulates nerves and blood vessels. A staple in Ayurveda, Holistic medicine practices it is used a preventative in many cultures to ward off stress and illlness. scalp massage may be able to increase serotonin levels and relieve pain. Headaches, on the other hand, may be caused by muscle tension, which a scalp massage can also alleviate Scalp massage can also be something you can do with your partner.

So here is a few suggestions on how to get you started.

Choose an Oil…for this purpose I would probably use an Olive Oil with some drops of essential peppermint oil mixed in it, especially since it helps to stimulate blood flow, which is what you are also trying to accomplish with the massage. Gently massage your head with your thumbs and your fingers. According to the suggest that you take  fistfuls of hair at the roots, tugging from side to side, with your knuckles very close to the scalp. Squeeze at the temples with the heels of the hands and make slow, wide, circular movements. Look down slightly and massage the back of the neck by squeezing and rolling the muscles. Begin back of your neck), make sure that you move them in a circular motion to relive any tension that you may feel in that area.

at the top of the neck and work your way down, first with one hand and then with the other hand. With your with each thumb on their respective sides of your occipital bone (that large bone in the Open your hands and widen the pattern of the circular motions to move up the middle of the head to the front hairline and down the sides of each ear. If you can’t be bothered to perform a scalp massage on yourself there are a variety of scalp massagers on the market that you can purchase that will do the trick. The goal is to promote healthy hair growth but what is so great about a scalp massage is that it helps to promote total body health.

He came twice (freaky friday)

When he closed the door behind him I started crying like I was insane. I could not believe that sex could make my body feel so amazing. I had many thoughts going through my mind at once and I had to call one of my friends to ask why was I crying?… although I knew they were tears of joy.

Sex and love are clearly different from each other if you really pay attention. I knew this was purely a physical attraction and there was no love involved. Never before had I been with a lover where I felt we were an esthetic equal. He was beautiful I was beautiful but for some reason I felt extraordinarily beautiful and even though I didn’t share his youth or his nearly perfect body I did not feel less than…I felt more than..

I had no idea what his purpose was or how he felt during the experience but I knew that I wanted to feel like that again. For almost a month after our first sexual encounter my body could feel that intensity and I was even having trouble sleeping waking up during the night thinking of him inside me. Now I understand why sex can cause you to make huge mistakes.

It was a couple of days before my birthday and I asked if he could break me off again and then he started acting nonchalant. I was pissed because he was the one who asked “Shall we do this again” before he left my apartment when I was not expecting to ever see him again.

He was bi-sexual and he requested that I dress like a woman for our encounter. That wasn’t a problem for me because I wear women’s clothing so I didn’t feel like I was about to do something outrageous just for sex. During our conversation with him acting nonchalant he began requesting more from me. At that point I told him “I have reached my limit on what I’m going to do for some d**k so if you don’t want to come back that is fine with me.” He says “Oh I want to come back.”

Well at that point as you can imagine I was turned off. How dare this 25 year old boy think he has that kind of authority on me.. I know that I told him that he turned me out but that did not give him license to think I was now his slave.

The day before my birthday he contacted me and said he could come over. It was about an hour before I had to go to work. I wanted to see him but it was going to be a rush. If I didn’t have to do so much preparation for him to come over perhaps I could have worked it out.

I told him that I would try to make it happen so I went to take a shower and everything inside of me was saying “do not to let him come over.” I got back on my computer and I said “You can’t come over today or any other day.

I don’t know who you are but the sexual experience I had with you was a moment that I will never forget. I don’t know what you’re looking for but I’m not it!!!” His response was “ok”

I was trying to figure out a way to have the upper hand and although this was not the plan I knew that he knew he was not playing with an amateur.  I was so proud of myself and everyone I told the story to could not believe that I blew him off (no pun intended) but at the same time they thought it was very mature of me.

A month later he contacted me and he wanted to come over. This time I put in a few request of my own and he no longer had the nonchalant attitude that he conveyed before. I guess I showed him I what I thought of myself.

Finally I got to feel him inside me again and I was even greeted with a kiss. I have no idea who taught this young man how to be a good lover but even his kiss was incredible. His mouth tasted of mint. The sex was amazing once again and this time I let him into my bedroom.

There was no talking just body language and when he was through taking advantage of my body I laid there weak with pleasure. He got dressed, kissed me on the lips and said see you later. It was the last time I saw him but it is a memory I will never forget.

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