Mat Pilates

I have recently joined a gym, ugh–The good news is that I have had an opportunity to take the plethora of classes they have to offer.

Last week I have had the pleasure of taking a Mat (on the Floor) Pilates class, And I will have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I’m not a boot camp or Zumba kinda girl. I don’t like a high intensity work out with a whole lot of movement.

What I loved about the mat Pilates is that alotof the moves were concentrated on specific muscle groups but you didn’t feel as if you were straining or killing yourself, Although you did feel the burn, which to me is the most important thing.

The Pilates “method,” as it is now known, is an exercise system focused on improving flexibility, strength, and body awareness, without necessarily building bulk. The method is a series of controlled movements performed on specially designed spring-resistant exercise apparatus and the sessions are supervised by specially trained instructors.

The key training of Pilates in general is core strengthening and spinal alignment two things that are a great basis for any healthy work out.

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Martini Dolce La Poire

Recently I found myself at YRB’s Summer Fashion Preview with Miguel as it’s host.  I do absolutely love Miguel and I adore fashion, but Open Bar are like my two favorite words.

Well since, Martini and Rossi Moscato was their sponsor we were treated to Moscato, which I absolutely HATE… I find it asinine that because a rapper says it in his song I must want to drink it. Anyhoo…

When I tasted the treat that the bartenders had prepared for me I was pleasantly surprised and about 3 Martini’s in by the time I left the joint.  Enjoy.

Martini Dolce La Poire

3 Parts of Martini and Rossi Moscato (or Any)

1 Part of Grey Goose La Poire

1/4 Simple Syrup


combine in a shaker

Shake and Strain Over Ice

Garnish with a Lemon slice or Pear

Martini Moscatini

3 Parts Moscato

1 part Grey Goose La Poire

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Products for Natural Hair Care

I get so excited when I walk around my little Brooklyn and I see people who like me are starting their natural hair care journey. If you have been following the site for a while you might remember a while back in a post I told you guys that I had stopped relaxing my hair for several at that time 6 months.

If you are like me whose chemical journey began when I was 12 years old. I have had perms for the majority of my life, and came to a part of my existence when I didn’t know what my “real hair” looked like.

And Even though I have been a licensed hairstylist now for nearly 20 years. Dealing with my new virgin hair is a brand new experience.

I was so used to treating and using products on my hair that worked with my relaxed locks that

just aint cutting it with my new waves and curl patterns. But My son’s hair gave me the courage to take the leap into not relaxing my hair and I can honestly say I don’t miss it.

Besides several healthy hair blogs, on the net that have helped me on my journey to

my new curly hair
my new curly hair

transitioning as of now I am wearing a weave, which I get daily comments on about how naturally it blends with my natural hair. But I have been looking at blogs such as…

Youtube has been a Godsent on how to deal with this new mane of mine…
one of my FAVORITE Vloggers who I have had the pleasure of meeting recently is Taren916. She is as personable on the videos as she is in person. and On one of my recent visits to Youtube, I ran across one of her videos that really helps out newly naturals like me.

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Taren’s Tips

Shampoo she suggest Alba botanicals shampoo which has natural ingredients.
Conditioner Kinky Curly KNot today or Tresseme Naturals Silicone Free Conditioner
She herself washes her hair 3 times a week. Just for the curl pattern.
She doesn’t suggest that you Co-Wash for hair cleanliness as it only puts product on her hair rather than clean the scalp.

She suggest using a shampoo without sulfate.
Safflower oil to Moisturize hair.
Kinky Curly Curly Custard to define her curl pattern.
Sleeping on Satin Pillow cases are a must, if Not you can use a satin Bonnet.
Add a Ceramic Blow drier, and a defuser, to your natural hair care arsenal if you want to get big hair.
Eco styler styling Gel, to help you control the frizz and define a curl pattern
A good detangler
Wide tooth comb.

Make sure you check out her website.

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Alexander Skarsgard

Happy Hump Day.  I don’t get it but maybe you do…my sister is obsessed uhm in Love with this Swed, somehow I missed the band wagon on this one, but I also don’t watch HBO’s True Blood.

So at the risk of being inducted into this elite group of Fanatics, I’m going to promise to brush up on my True Blood sometimes in the near future.

If there is sexiness to be had in this world I definitely don’t want to be left out in the cold.

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Curly Weave Blend

As I told you in indique hair review,  and in my previously natural post. I have once again stopped perming my hair.  My last relaxer was had on February 1 and the following week I cut my hair down to about 2 inches.
Not so big chop
My Not so big chop
Not exactly the big chop but It was a change indeed.  Welll since I had decided to grow out my permed ends and a short hair cut isn’t always the move when your ends and you roots are doing their own thing.  So I promised you I would show you guys a picture of my new do. And here it is.
My Indique/Bohyme Install
My Indique/Bohyme Install
I am still wearing my combo of Indique hair at the base for length and at the top or near my hairline I am wearing one of my favoritest bss hair Bohyme brazillian hair.
Sigh, now the issue as I have said before with this mess of a hair is that it can frizz up to high heaven, and it is a mess and a half to tame and maintain. An d who so ever it is that will tell you that this hair won’t shed is a lie and God shall smite them.   Well maybe not bring the wrath of God on them but this hair is a mess to deal with when it tangles.
my new curly hair
my new curly hair
As you can see from my pic, when the hair works it WORKS. And it makes me look fab.  So far I have had it in my hair I think for a little over a month.
And I uninstall, deep condition my scalp and reapply every 2 weeks.  Now that the Indique hair has been in for about a month Hallejujiah it has stopped being sooooo shiny but I am not confident enough that it would blend with my non permed hair and I aint crazy enough to buy more of this stuff to see what it would do.  But I am liking the hair a lot more now that it is old and it is holding its curl pattern.  But in the next 2 weeks I will be experimenting with this hair because I will be in a wedding and I have to find my look for that.
So in case you’re wondering what I use on this mess. And How I actually blend my hair here is my curly hair regiment.
Fully saturate hair
Add a leave in conditioner, I use cantu shea butter
And I use queen helene styling gel
To define my curl patter, I use a wide tooth comb, a smaller wide tooth comb and a largely spaced rat tail comb, (not the smaller toothed one)
The wide tooth comb is to you don’t break off the hair. The Smaller combs are to define the curl patterns and used to remove excessive moisture.
And I normally let it air dry.
To Blend my hair. Wet my hair, add some leave in conditioner, and some Wave Nuevo moisturizing lotion and do a 2 strand twist
And roll the ends up with a yellow cold wave rod.
Cold Wave Rod
Once completely dry I untwist my ends, take sections of my hair untwisted hair. And wrap the curly ends and twist it into the weave, so that the it is secured by the curl itself.
If you have no idea what I am talking about watch this video from Glamazini
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Going Back in Time

If You Knew then What you know now what would you do different?

Recently I got to be a part of what we call project graduation. For those of you who never heard of it, it is a party that the community throws for high school graduates to have something fun to do that night. It is a lock in with plenty of games, prizes, activities and food.

For the last four years Sue (the owner of the Jazzercise center I work at) has been going to this event to perform jazzercise routines for the graduates to follow. It’s another activity along withkaraoke that seems to be a hit and she asked me if I wanted to participate this year and I said yes.

I was really excited to be a part of this because the year that project graduation began was the year I graduated from high school. I was not only excited about seeing the students from the school I graduated from but I felt it would be historic for me like going back in time.

When I looked at those kids I instantly went back to my high school years and I could hardly believe that I was ever that age.  As a matter of fact project graduation was a blur to me.  I could not remember anything about it but winning a prize and thinking to myself that I don’t usually win anything.

Being in school was so hard for me because of the struggle with my sexuality. I didn’t have the opportunity to have relationships and break ups like my friends and was often made fun of because of my femininity. There were parts of school that I enjoyed like deciding what cute outfit I was going to wear, socializing with my friends, and looking at the boys that I thought were so cute.

College was never an option for me because I knew I was going to beauty school so I guess when high school was over I felt a bit lost.

For years I dreamed of being an adult and making my own decisions not realizing how difficult that would be. In school there was a schedule but not in the real world. I could not help wondering about the future of those new graduates and how they would be able to manage going to the next level in life.

What was most profound to me is that I realized that I would never want to go back in time unless I could know what I know now.

The decisions we make or have made were based on what tools or knowledge we had to work with at that time.

If we were actually able to go back in time without our current knowledge we would likely repeat the same path.

I am learning how to leave the past in the past and take what I know now to make a better present.

The future will take care of itself so stop thinking about the mistakes of your past and wishing that you could change them because you can’t.

What you can do is squeeze all of the lessons out of those mistakes and do your best not to repeat them.

Life is very consistent in the lessons it presents although sometimes it comes dressed differently it always gives a chance for you to make a different choice and to learn something new.

If you knew then what you know now..what would you do differently? Would you change anything in your life? Do you have old decisions that you’ve made that have haunted you.  Have there been things in your past you’ve had to learn to make peace with? If So how did you do it?  If you could change one thing about you what would it be?

Finding your Inspiration-Sponsored Post

jeep legendary life contest

Finding Your Inspiration
Finding Your Inspiration --SPONSORED POST

In this high paced high pressured world when we are bombarded with all sorts of new gadgets and do-hickeys that not only fight for our attention, but make demands on our time it’s hard to find the little joys of life things that give us the inspiration to strive to be the best Us we can be.
I know for me there are days where I don’t know whether I am coming or going, and all I need is to just get through the day.
But Existing isn’t living.  And I have recently began a quest to enhance my quality of life. Many People suggest making a vision board as a way to visually stimulate your brain into thinking and seeing the goals you want to attain in the future, so that you will be able to find a way to live your life now with the understanding of what is to come tomorrow.

finding your inspiration
My Jeep Inspiration board

But that is sometimes easier said than done. I have literally been making my vision board now for about a year. So when I was approached to participate in getting the word out about AOL and Jeep’s current  contest called, “Life is Legendary” where on Jeep’s website, not only can you find a spark of what inspires you, by completing a inspiration board.

You can also enter a chance to win a $4500 gift card as a grand prize, you can possibly win $50 every week the contest runs.

As for Me a perpetual optimist, What inspires me actually couldn’t go on the inspiration board I created, what inspires me in a word is “Faith.”
I love the idea of waking up every morning knowing that today may be the day I make a break through. I love the idea of knowing that every time I open my eyes, I can correct the mistakes of the past and allow for myself to be able to try and do something different.

And waking with the possibilities of knowing that my good days can extended. By holding on to my faith I Know that my current circumstances, don’t define the totality of my existence and I am not only inspired I am hopeful about what is to become. And grateful for what is.

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