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So tonight was the season premiere of another VH1 show where black women fight and no time like the first episode to get it on, and VH1’s Love & Hip Hop didn’t disappoint….anyone except me.  I could get into the reasons why I’m disappointed at watching this type of show and why I haven’t been watching as much TV as I have in the Past and also why I’m reading more books (I thank crappy TV for that).

But in this episode a few new cast members were introduced, a girl name Vandy? (Please don’t get

Emily and Fab

mad if I don’t know these women’s names I really wasn’t that invested.) The Vandy girl is supposeably Jim Jones’ Manager, and she is trying to get the woman who was affianced to Jim Jones By way of her asking him because she got tired of waiting for him to pop the question (Chrissy), and her paramour’s fellow band mate’s Babbie’s Muva in my Shaquita Voice… whose name is Kimbella?  To get along so they could help get Dipset back together.

First off sorry about that, Dipset band thing but what else can I call them, (I know dipset isn’t a band), and second. Sorry for all the question marks but I don’t care about these chick’s or their names, I’m just giving them to move the story along.

Anywho… Vandy introduced, Kim to Chrissy so they could be one big happy family.  If you watched the show in previous seasons, there is a woman Emily, who is in a “relationship” and I use that word loosely with a rapper Fabulous who refused to be seen in public with her or publicly acknowledge her as his girlfriend, and they lived together and he refused to be on the show….(Damn that was me in a former life)…


Any how… In this particular episode She had finally gotten the balls to break up with this man (is it still called that when he doesn’t know he’s in a relationship **shrugs**) and throws a little party to commemorate her new found “freedom”  And as she is announcing her proud split from this man.


The new rapper’s (Juelz) baby muva, told the now old baby Muva (Fab’s) that she too spent intimate time with her man, while they were dating, and even more so while they were pregnant OUCH…  SIGH.

Now, I know the truth hurts. And her delivery could have used some work, and although I respect Kim for telling this woman that her “man” cheated on her,  But If this was real life and not reality TV I know I might not have been so honest.

Since they are cast-mates on a reality show, chances are the blogs, wags and more would have outted this girl’s involvement with Fab, because unlike Emily Fab’s Baby Mom’s (sorry I type it ghetto but it’s ghetto)..this young woman might’ve actually been pictured and or seen out in the light of day with Fab and it might have gotten back to them when and if they actually have struck up a genuine friendship, and the fall out and betrayal factor might have been beyond repair

But In real life, If I am initially meeting a woman, invited to her party after meeting her once or twice because she is a friend of a friend AND I realized that both of us might have waded in the same man pool or had him wade in ours, I might skip that little dinner conversation.  Especially if they had a child and He and I were passing fancies’ or He was definitely in my past.

The “other woman” doesn’t owe this woman an explanation and especially if for all intensive purposes she isn’t REALLY his woman.  Especially if as in the episode, when Kimbellla was honest, she Had a bunch of women jumping down her throat, and one literally trying to beat the crap outta her.  And worst off it wasn’t the party she actually offended… People say honesty is the best policy but I say some truths Aint worth telling… and women are funny about their men…


I would’ve left well enough alone, but what about you…tell me what you think? Would you have told her, Do you think she was Justified in getting punched in the face..Let me know what you think..

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